A Trip To Iqaluit In Nunavut, A Canadian Arctic City

Posted on: 27 April, 2005

Author: Clint Leung

In 2004, I completed two Inuit art buying trips to Iqaluit (formerly Frobisher Bay), the capital of Nunavut, Canada's newest territory. For both trips, I flew out of Ottawa on Canadian North airlines. The other airline that services Nunavut is First Air. Only the last half of the jets was allocated for passengers as the entire first half was for cargo. Being so remote, Canadian Arctic Inuit communities pretty well have to have everything shipped up there by plane or by boat during the summers since there are no roads connecting to the rest of Canada or even between each...

How To Breeze Through The Security Checkpoint At Airports

Posted on: 25 April, 2005

Author: Jamie Madison

Permission is freely granted to use this article so long as our resource box remains at the end of this article with all links live. Air travel is such a common method of transportation today, we sometimes forget the practical tips to help us enjoy a flight. The following tips will help you reduce your wait time at the security checkpoint. What to do before you arrive at the airport. 1. Do not pack or bring prohibited Items to the airport. Prohibited items are weapons, explosives, incendiaries, and include items that are seemingly harmless but may be used as weapons...

Vacation Values

Posted on: 21 April, 2005

Author: Cheryl Johnson

The family vacation is a tradition intended to bring families closer together and one that many of us would just not think of giving up. Quality time for the family reinforces the importance of family values. It's sort of a "time out" from the day to day routine of living and growing. A chance to focus on getting to know better those that are most important to us, our family. Of course, how much importance you place on this event depends on your past experiences. In today's fast paced society a vacation just isn't a vacation unless its costing you...

Get tickets to see Saturday Night Live when you are in New York City.

Posted on: 19 April, 2005

Author: Tom Schmidt

Getting tickets to see a performance of Saturday Night Live is a real challenge. The official way to get tickets is to send an email to the show during the month of August. To enter the ticket lottery for the 2005-2006 season, send one email with all contact information to [email protected] in the month of August only. After August '05, ticket requests will no longer be accepted. The lottery will only accept one entry per email request; duplicate entries will be deleted. Winners will receive two tickets to a pre-assigned show date and performance (dress rehearsal or live show). You...

Culinary Star in the Naiton's Capital - Ceiba

Posted on: 16 April, 2005

Author: Karin Leperi

Washington , D.C. has been harboring a secret for the last decade; a secret that is getting harder and harder to keep from the nation. Alhough D.C. was noted as a magnet for excellent ethnic cuisine in the past, it never savored a reputation for fine dining. Maybe it was the conservative streak prevalent in the city and surrounding suburbs, or maybe it was a reputation of having loads of lowly paid federal workers lacking sophisticated palates and owning tightly zipped wallets. Whatever the reason, the sidewalks of D.C. basically folded at night. Those were the days when gourmands in...

West End Show Billy Elliot packages with Superbreak.com

Posted on: 16 April, 2005

Author: Robin Richmond

Billy Elliot The Musical is an adaptation of one of the UK’s most treasured films of the last decade and is hotly tipped to become the biggest theatrical event of 2005. Fans of the award-wining 2000 film will be pleased to learn that the musical is reuniting the talents of director Stephen Daldry, writer Lee Hall and producer Jon Finn. Combined with a musical score by Sir Elton John and the choreography of Peter Darling, it is easy to see why this is one of the most talked about shows in years. Based in mid-eighties Tyneside, deep within the bitter...

Chicago Traffic Reports

Posted on: 16 April, 2005

Author: Theresa Carter

Listening to a traffic report in Chicago is like hearing a MCSE professional talk about firewalls and proxy servers. You somehow know that what's being said is important and you should know what it is, but he or she might as well be speaking in binary code. After being in Chicago awhile you learn the terms you need to know, but if you're visiting or just moved to Chicago it seems like you'll never get it! Traffic reports use names, but the maps and signs use numbers. Briefly, here are what those names are referring to, so next time you...

Florence in a Day

Posted on: 16 April, 2005

Overflowing with history, art and culture, Florence is a city that’s very hard to do justice to in a single day. A visit to the Uffizi museum alone could easily eat a day or two into any itinerary. ... Overflowing with history, art and culture, Florence is a city that’s very hard to do justice to in a single day. A visit to the Uffizi museum alone could easily eat a day or two into any itinerary. If you’re fortunate enough to visit Florence for the first time, but unfortunate enough to have only a single day to savour the...

How to Renew Your Passport

Posted on: 10 April, 2005

Author: William Manor

You can easily renew your passport by following the instructions below. However, it is important that you apply early. How early? Many foreign countries require your passport to have at least six month's validity remaining before they will issue a visa. Add to this the time required to process your passport and you get a total of eight or nine months. You should apply for a passport renewal if: To apply for a passport renewal, you need to send in the following items by mail.1. Completed Application For Passport By Mail , form DS-82. The form can be downloaded at...

Booking holiday accommodation online

Posted on: 20 March, 2005

Author: Darren Cronian

With the introduction of low cost airlines, and the rapid growth of internet users, booking the perfect holiday has become easier for the inexperienced internet user. Gone are the days, where the only people surfing the net are techie's - welcome to the internet age, where people of all ages are now using the internet to go about their normal life. “You look forward to your holiday all year and you want to book it easily, and save money,” says Darren, a holiday rental specialist who runs, Worldwide Holiday Homes. “If you automatically think ‘travel agent,’ you’re missing out on...