Posted on: 20 August, 2019

Author: manoj upadhyay

This content has the information about a village in Himachal Pradesh, you will get some helpful information after reading this article. The content is about Malana which is situated in the north east range of Kullu. Many villages in Himachal Pradesh are known for their exquisite beauty and breathtaking treks, but what makes Malana village stand apart in the crowd? There must be something about this village that pulls hundreds of people every year to it. The most attractive part of the residents of Malana is that they regard themselves as the progeny of Alexander, The Great. Hence, they consider themselves as the superior race and the visitors coming to the village as the inferior race. They have certain laws of the land, the most important of which is that you cannot touch them. They consider the guests as untouchables, but still the visitors are inquisitive about the locals. How you can reach Malana The Malana village is situated in the north-east range of Kullu. Three mountain passes connect Malana to Kullu, which means you have the options to choose from the easiest or toughest treks. You can also go to Malana from Parvati Valley using Chanderkhani pass and Rashol Pass. If you want the easiest way to reach the village, you can take a taxi from Jari. However, you have to trek for the last the last 4 kilometers. You will find the concrete stairs to climb the mountains easily, yet it is a tough trek for the beginners. The gorgeous scenery and refreshing beauty of the Malana trek will make you forget the difficulties of the trek. Why you would love Malana? Since the village is brought up under the shadows of Deotibb and Chandrakhani peaks, they have adopted a unique lifestyle abound with their culture and laws. Although the villagers do not allow anyone to touch them without permission, they are very warm people. Tourism flourishes in Malana since many years and the locals are very helpful to them. They would never touch anyone unless they become friendly with them. Therefore, the visitors must respect the law of the land as well. They are very beautiful and welcoming people and you can click a lot of photos with them while maintaining adequate physical distance. You cannot visit the local Jamdagini Temple or go near it, but is certainly worth visiting. The Malanese people follow their religion and use the Kanashi dialect to communicate, both of which they hold close to their hearts. The judicial system of the village resembles that of the Greek judiciary, which is why the name, Athens of the Himachal, is given to Malana. You will realize that the literacy rate is quite low in the village, but the children are joyfully playing in the streets all the time. The elders have a spark in their eyes, which speaks volumes about the experience that they possess and the hidden secrets in their hearts. The villagers celebrate the Malana Shaun festival on 15th August, which is also a good time to visit Malana if it is not raining too heavily. You can hire a Self Drive Car Rental in Delhi and plan a trip during summers, which is the ideal season to visit the hills of Himachal. Try not to go to the mountains during winters as the temperature goes subzero; it is not easy for the city-dwellers to bear so much of cold. The villagers have a unique lifestyle, which they have developed over the centuries. They do not expect the guests to understand them, but only experience how it feels to be there on a different land. No one has been able to tell whether the tales of Malana village are true, but one thing is sure that the Malanese people have a beautiful heart, which overshadows every other insignificant thing. Source: Free Articles from The author of this content is  fond of roaming with Self Drive Cars on his own for exploring the India. Here he want to share his experience and some advice while travelling which can help everyone while travelling anywhere in India.