Posted on: 14 August, 2019

Author: Diana Spencer

Thanksgiving is a gigantic occasion in Las Vegas. Huge amounts of explorers dive on the town, and in expansive part a considerable lot of them will visit the Grand Canyon by helicopter. To ensure you get a seat, I suggest booking ahead of time. Going to Las Vegas for the Thanksgiving week holiday? Then you've got to add a Grand Canyon helicopter tour to your list of things to do. But don't wait until last minute as flights are expected to sell out.Thanksgiving is a huge holiday in Las Vegas. Tons of travelers descend on the town, and in large part many of them will visit the Grand Canyon by helicopter. To make sure you get a seat, I recommend booking in advance.RSVPI also recommend that you book your tour over the Internet. This is where the best prices are. But remember there are two requirements to get the discount. First, you must RSVP. Second, you must complete your booking online. Failure to do so could result in paying regular rates.The best tours to the Canyon depart from Las Vegas. Choose from air-only or landing tours. Both go over Hoover Dam and Lake Mead and the Colorado River. The air-only, however, goes over the Canyon and then turns back. Landing tours keep going, either landing on the top or the base.Champagne PicnicI recommend doing an air-only tour if your time or budget is limited. If not, then by all means consider taking a landing tour. The most popular is the Champagne picnic tour. It takes you 3,500 to the bottom where you deplane and sip "bubbles" alongside the Colorado River.Some travelers want more and in this regard they can add on a Colorado River boat ride or a VIP ticket to the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Also known as the Glass Bridge, the Skywalk let's you walk over the edge so you stand on a plate of glass 4,000 feet above the floor. You'll never forget this experience, especially the incredible Canyon views.Deluxe OptionsEach tour has a basic or deluxe option. The key difference is where you depart. Basic flights depart from The Boulder City Airport, which is 20 minutes from the Strip. Deluxe tours depart from The Strip and include an extended flight over the Strip on the way back. Further, basic tours include free transfers by shuttle bus, whereas deluxe tours use a limo.The weather is absolutely perfect this time of the year for flying. Indeed, the rule still stands that the best time to fly is during the a. M. In order to get best visibility and smoother air. If you are doing an all-air tour, you'll be fine wearing comfortable clothing as all choppers are climate-controlled. However, if you do a landing tour, you'll be exiting the aircraft and in this case I recommend dressing in layers.ConclusionI hope this article about Las Vegas helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon during the Thanksgiving holiday week helped you prepare for you trip. I prefer landing tours as I believe they give you more value, especially the Champagne picnic tour. And if you really want to go for it, make your tour a deluxe as it will include a Vegas Strip tour and hotel transfers by limo. Remember it gets super busy during Thanksgiving so book early and online in order to get the best price on the best flights. Article Tags: Vegas Helicopter Tours, Thanksgiving Week Holiday, Vegas Helicopter, Helicopter Tours, Grand Canyon, Thanksgiving Week, Week Holiday, Depart From, Landing Tours Source: Free Articles from The author is a Grand Canyon expert and recommends going here for tour deals and here for the best departures from Las Vegas and the South Rim: