Posted on: 03 June, 2002

Author: Laura Quarantiello

Dear Editor: The ... article is offered for your free ... the resource box is ... We would ... ... if you use the article. Thank you!LOST ... DEVICES BECOM Dear Editor: The following article is offered for your free use,provided the resource box is included. We would appreciate beingnotified if you use the article. Thank you!LOST ELECTRONIC DEVICES BECOMING COMMON AT AIRPORTSBy Laura Quarantiello© Tiare Publications370 wordsThere’s more to the new airport security measures than just thedelays and inconvenience you have to deal with. During the confusion and hassle of X-rays and hand checks of luggage, more and more people are misplacing or forgetting electronic gear such as cellular phones and laptop computers.Airport personnel say that the number of electronic devices foundunclaimed in airport terminals is rising. Reuniting these gadgetswith their owners is becoming a difficult and full-time job . Mostof the gear is unmarked, lacking even basic owner informationsuch as an ID tag that would allow airline personnel to contactthe owner.Here’s how to increase the chance your property will be returnedif you should lose your PDA pal or laptop life support:Mark everything with your name, address and phone number. Use an identification tag on laptops and other larger devices. On cellphones, pagers, PDAs and other smaller gadgets use a printed label on the back. Some people place the label on the inside of thebattery compartment so it’s less conspicuous. You can also engrave your ID information on your gear making it more difficult to remove or rub off. If name, address and phone is too much information to include, just use your driver’s license number.Keep a record of the serial numbers of all your electronic equipment.(Most have such a number somewhere on the case.) Record the numbers, along with type and description of each unit and keep the information it in a safe place. This will come in handy when you have to submit a claim or need to identify your propertyReport all losses. If you think you might have left an electronic deviceat the airport you should contact the airline, report the loss and file aclaim as soon as possible/ Also consider reporting the loss to lawenforcement. Many devices are recovered by the police.Get in the habit of keeping a close eye on your belongings. In themadhouse of the airport it’s all too easy to look away for asecond or forget to pick up what you laid down. Make sure youknow what you brought with you and where it is at all times.(end) Source: Free Articles from