Posted on: 12 August, 2019

Author: SimonJ

If you want get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life and spend some quality time with your family or friends, consider vacation rentals in Lake Lure, NC. If you are looking for a way to recharge your batteries, a holiday in North Carolina, USA can be an ideal destination. So, what do you look for in a vacation? While it offers an opportunity for ultimate relaxation and fun, it also provides a change - a change from the routine and surrounding. Moreover, a vacation also brings freshness to our lives. However, if you are going out all for a change, North Carolina is the ideal destination. Steeped in natural bounty, North Carolina is truly an iconic holiday destination. The rich diversity in terrain, the beautiful coastline boasting of an array of pristine beaches, and quaint seaside towns - all seem to define the panorama of the destination. Nestled between mountains and cliffs with their majestic peaks and fertile valleys, North Carolina is a genuine treat to the eyes. The diversity in the landscape - as in some part you can find the plateau region, while on the other side a wide stretch of plains and rolling hills - defines its beauty in the most real sense. In North Carolina, you will experience four distinct seasons in a temperate climate. Some of the most famous cities worth visiting are Raleigh, Charlotte, and Greensboro. However, don’t forget to visit the back roads and experience the rich heritage and culture of North Carolina. Here are some vacation rentals Lake Lure NC options worth considering for the fun of enjoying the natural splendor:Shady Lakes Retreat:Shady Lakes Retreat of North Carolina offers much to see and do in Lake Lure. This lovely recently constructed vacation rental home perches on a large parcel of land on Lake Lure with its private beach. The main level accommodates the kitchen, dining, and living area. Laundry and garage facilities are also available. The living area has a stone fireplace, TV, and cozy seating. The lower level offers comfortable accommodation, and a small game room complete with air hockey and free-throw basketball game system. Quality bed, modern kitchen, spacious rooms, advanced plumbing facilities, and other amenities make it a fantastic destination for the tourists. Sunset Rest:If you want to enjoy the stunning views of the Chimney Rock State Park mountains and beautiful Lake Lure, Sunset Rest would be the ideal destination. It allows you to enjoy the sunset and rest in a comfortable home with covered deck and plenty of outdoor seating. The main level accommodates an expensive room with gas fireplace and wet bar. You will also have a spacious kitchen. Other features include a powder room, laundry room, and Master Bedroom with King Bed and private en-suite bath. In the middle level, you will gain access to television, a small kitchen with a table, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. The lower level consists of a billiard table, table tennis, and lots of board games.Keepers Cabin:This is one of the fantastic Lake Lure house Rentals you can consider on Lake Lure. It offers you everything you need for a great vacation. The main home consists of 5 bedrooms and 5 baths. The boathouse accommodates 2 sleep futons, a kitchenette, and a half bath. The lower level is equipped with a billiard table, game system, TV, and a private outdoor deck. Source: Free Articles from A passionate writer and a regular blogger with years of experience in writing. His recent write-up is a good read on vacation rentals Lake Lure NC.